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Sugar confectionery is a valuable category to the retail market delivering in excess of £1bn of sales annually and demonstrating growth of almost 4%. Leading confectionery brand Ricola has been at the forefront of this growth in recent years with annual sales increases of over 64% and a doubling of market share through the Multiple Grocery channel.

SHS Sales and Marketing were appointed to work with the Ricola brand in 2009and now manage the entire sales process  across all UK trade channels – essentially wherever you see Ricola on sale, it is because of the efforts of SHS Sales and Marketing.  SHS Sales and Marketing have focussed on driving distribution and visibility of the Ricola brand through a number of varieties and sugar-free options which has contributed significantly to the brand’s sales and profit growth.

Sugar confectionery is sustaining a strong performance across all trade channels as shoppers increase frequency and weight of purchase across a range of products. As part of this, sugar free variants are contributing significantly to this growth as the nation seeks to incorporate healthier alternatives into their daily diet. Hence, the sugar-free sector has also grown by almost 4% and contributes almost £40m in sales annually.  The Ricola brand has been developing a range of mouth-wateringly good flavours and sugar-free varieties from its base in Switzerland for over 80 years with the core of the business being based on their famous 13 herbs.   As the UK’s leading herbal sweet, Ricola has consistently grown presence in the UK, almost doubling distribution in recent years.

The team at SHS Sales and Marketing has worked relentlessly to drive the availability of the brand through all trade channels, using intelligent insight and wide reaching networks to influence key buying decisions. So successful have the team been that SHS Sales and Marketing were awarded in 2013 the Ricola prize for biggest absolute growth and for delivering 5 years of consistent growth for the brand.

"The Ricola brand has gone from strength to strength in the UK over recent years and SHS Sales and Marketing have made a significant contribution to that success.  Through understanding the brand and the consumer the team have unlocked several distribution opportunities and doubled the number of outlets where consumers can buy the brand. Having delivered consistent growth over the last 5 years and outperformed any other country, the team quite deservedly were recognised and awarded a Ricola prize for sales in 2013’’

Andy Richman, Regional Director – Northern Europe,  Ricola